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After School Program Staff Coordinator

Management or Human Services/Resources Major Welcome!

1. Actively cooperate with the Program Coordinator to ensure volunteer staffing for the after school program. 

2. Establish communication through email and regular staff meeting to insure  interaction and direction of volunteers.

3. Keep records of volunteer staff to insure that volunteers have the necessary paperwork and have attended training.

4. Perform reference checks on all volunteers. 

5. Lead a team of volunteer staff in the development of an agenda for a weekly staff meeting based on real time needs of the program and staff to develop program strategies.

6. Responsible for implementing systems for reporting incidents and accident reports, and relating appropriate information to the steering team, and appropriate government agencies, and or reporting violations, deficiencies and/or incidents to the Program Director as they are discovered or indicated.

7. Responsible for addressing and/or reporting all observed or suspected situations which adversely impact on the health and safety of youth attending program.


 Good Role Model.  Self-starter.  Good interpersonal skills and computer skills.  Able to work alone and at a fast pace.